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See what lunar glo can do for you.

solar array

LunarGlo is an installable lighting fixture that offers reliable LED lighting energized by renewable energy, sourced from a high efficiency solar array.

Thanks to it's long life lithium ion battery LunarGlo can last up to 80 hours on a single charge.

unibody construction
The LunarGlo unit is enclosed in a unibody housing and is resistant to high-pressure power washing and harsh UV radiation.

LunarGlo's elegantly simple design contains no moving parts and is made in the USA.

We are so sure you will have no problems that each unit comes with a 12 month Guarantee.

LunarGlo Install

Installing LunarGlo solar lighting in your pots is fast and easy.
It only takes about 2 minutes per Porta John.

The only tool required is a drill!

Click here to see just how easy it is.

LunarGlo Lit

As well as being a revenue generator, LunarGlo solar lights will give added security to your pots users.

You just can't go wrong with LunarGlo.

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