Introducing LunarGlo™ – Solar Lighting for All Applications

LunarGlo™ is an adaptable, installable lighting fixture that offers reliable LED lighting via renewable energy, sourced from a high efficiency solar array.Thanks to its long life lithium-ion battery, LunarGlo™ can persist through cloudy days and last up to 80 hours on a single charge.

B-largeThe LunarGlo™ unit is enclosed in a simple unibody housing resistant to high-pressure power washing and harsh UV radiation. LunarGlo™ has no moving parts and is Made In The USA by skilled laborers at the RJ Products, LLC assembly location in Elkhart, Indiana.We are so confident that you’ll be satisfied by LunarGlo™, that we offer the product with a full 1-Year Guarantee.

Installing LunarGlo™ solar lighting in your POTS is fast and easy. It only takes about 2 minutes per Porta John.The only tool required is a drill!

View the LunarGlo™ Easy Installation

Mounting Brackets
New for 2015 – LunarGlo now offers a collection of additional mounting options for use in a variety of applications such as over-the-door lights, hand washing stations, deck lighting and dock lights. Contact a LunarGlo sales representative for more information about your application.

As well as being a revenue generator, LunarGlo™ solar lights will give added security to your portable toilets.You just can’t go wrong with LunarGlo™, so contact us today for more information.